ABC L.A. : portrait d’une ville en 26 lettres
Co-written with Guy Bennett
with ambient recordings by Martin Krieger.
69 minutes

ABC L.A. is an audio-textual portrait of the city of Los Angeles written in the form of an alphabet primer. It was created in the studios of France Culture with Lionel Quantin in summer 2009, and broadcast in the context of their Atelier de création radiophonique on September 27, 2009. The texts are read by the authors over a collage of ambient recordings made throughout the city by Martin Krieger.

Visit the ABC L.A. page on the website of France Culture.

Listen to ABC L.A.: ♫ ABC L.A.mp3

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Beyond the Iconic: Contemporary Photographs of Paris, 1971–2003
Co-written with Guy Bennett, in collaboration with Catherine Tambrun
Los Angeles: Angel City Press, 2008
160 pages

The Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame Cathedral. The Champs-Élysées. Poetic cobbled streets, working-class cafés, and lovers – so many lovers. These are the classic images of Paris, the most-photographed city in the world. No surprise that it has been home and studio to photographers whose work has defined the medium – Daguerre, Atget, Kertesz, and Cartier-Bresson, among so many others.

Based on an exhibition curated by the authors, Beyond the Iconic by Guy Bennett and Béatrice Mousli presents a revolution in imagery – 139 contemporary images from 24 photographers whose work is preserved in the permanent collection of the renowned Carnavalet Museum in Paris. These artists reinterpret the city, capturing the day-to-day realities of everyone’s favorite capital. They explore aspects of Paris that are rarely shown, and collectively offer an alternative to the canonical representation of the City of Light. Together they go deep into the true heart of Paris. Beyond the clichés. Indeed, Beyond the Iconic.

Available from Angel City Press.

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Metamorphosis of a Palm Tree: Kaleidoscope of an Exile
The New Review of Literature, vol.5 n°2, 72–78.
Fragments inspired by daily life in the City of Angels…


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Seeing Los Angeles: A Different Look at A Different City.
Co-edited with Guy Bennett
Los Angeles: Otis Books | Seismicity Editions, 2007.

How do you fit seventeen million people, eight thousand square miles, eighty-eight languages, and just as many religions, cuisines, traditions, etc. into a single poem? How do you present accurate facts and figures for a place in constant flux: three million newcomers each year, somewhat fewer deserters, constant earth movements, recurring natural disasters, and the resultant, inevitable shifts in physical and demographic boundaries?

Edited with Guy Bennett, this volume is a follow up to the conference on Los Angeles we organized at the French National Library in 2006 (see below). A mix of scholarly and creative texts, Seeing Los Angeles is an attempt at presenting the city we live in, beyond clichés and idées reçues…

Available from Small Press Distribution.

Yann Perreau interviewed us on the publication of Seeing Los Angeles in the on-line journal Vision of the City. You can read the interview on-line.

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Los Angeles, un autre regard sur une ville autre
Co-curated with Guy Bennett, in collaboration with François Nida
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, site François-Miterrand, Paris.
June 15–17, 2006

Organized in collaboration with Guy Bennett, this conference was our first attempt at looking at city beyond its traditional image. Los Angeles is Hollywood, but it is also its literary scene, it is also a unique example of urbanism, it is a vibrant art scene, and a complex political territory. During those three days, French and American scholars, writers, artists discussed the city, trying to find a definition that would fit better their view of it.

* * *

De quelques revues et maisons d’éditions littéraires à Los Angeles
Co-written with Guy Bennett
La Revue des revues 25 (Fall 1998): 41–51.

Los Angeles is known as the capital of film, not as a literary city, unlike San Francisco for example that still lives off the legend of the Beats poets. But Los Angeles has many poetry circles, an endlessly growing number of magazines and publishers, a phenomenon little known to the rest of the world… So, in 1998, we draw for a French public a first picture of this publication scene, deciphering some of the networks and identifying influences and trends.

PDF de l’article